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A commercial kegerator is an essential part of most direct-draw draft beer dispensing systems. Even though kegerators are considered by some as entry-level equipment, they do serve their purpose. Plus, there are enough different varieties on the market to satisfy even the most demanding bar owners.

UBC Group USA offers a wide choice of commercial kegerators for bars, pubs, restaurants, and other places that serve beer and prefer to serve it fresh, cold, and tasty.

Get the Best Price on Large Kegerator

Having a large kegerator under your bar is an ideal way of dispensing and serving small-to-medium amounts of beer. They’re compact, they’re affordable, and they’re versatile. Depending on your particular draft beer setup, you can choose a kegerator based on the following parameters:

  • built-in or freestanding
  • number of towers and taps (up to four)
  • capacity (from 1 to 5 half-barrel kegs)

All of this great variety can be found on the UBC Group USA website. Feel free to browse our selection to find the best commercial beer kegerator for your bar. In addition to commercial kegerators, we also offer beer keg refrigerators, horizontal bottle coolers, and other equipment for commercial beer dispensing systems.

And if you are looking for a bar refrigerator or a commercial-grade kegerator for sale, you will find plenty of options from UBC Group USA.

Commercial Beer Dispenser From the Manufacturer UBC Group USA

UBC Group USA has been a trusted manufacturer and supplier of draft beer equipment for over a decade and you can always rely on us to deliver you a great commercial beer dispenser at the right price.

Speaking of prices - as you may see, they are not immediately available on our website. First, you need to create an account to view the prices. After you become a registered member of UBC Group USA online, you will get full access to the prices and be able to place orders for a draft beer dispenser or any other type of equipment you’re interested in.

We are always striving to provide the best prices and quality for our customers: bars, restaurants, pubs, draft service companies, wholesalers, and distribution companies.

UBC Kegmaster Fridge Wholesale in the US

In addition to providing draft beer equipment from popular brands, we do manufacture our own line of products. One of the best-selling items in our catalog is the UBC Kegmaster kegerator model.

It is prized among small bar owners for its versatility and affordability. UBC Kegmaster is available in a number of different variations (the latest being Kegmaster 4), which differ in capacity and presentation.

If you are looking to buy UBC Kegmaster 2 wholesale in the US, you won’t find a better deal than on our website.

We usually ship our products within 24 hours of order placement through the best available method. Depending on the product and destination, it could be either via UPS (smaller items) or freight carrier (large/heavy items).