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Wine-on-Tap Coolers

A wine on tap cooler is a truly amazing piece of equipment. Breaking down the stereotypes and barriers, these coolers have become more and more popular in recent years due to the growing popularity of serving kegged wine in bars and restaurants.

UBC Group USA offers a variety of wine-on-tap coolers. Here, you will find a wine tap system that’s right for your and your customer’s budget.

Get the Best Price on Wine-on-Tap Coolers in the USA

Wine on tap coolers are a great way to serve wine at a restaurant or large outdoor event. They have been used for quite a while already in Europe and now they are finally coming to North America.

Wine on tap equipment allows you to cool wine from multiple kegs, which makes it an ideal choice for bars, restaurants, wineries, and practically any other place that would like to offer wine on tap.

Sure, there are certain things you have to keep in mind:

  • A different type of dispense gas has to be used (either a mix of 75% nitrogen and 25% CO2 or 100% argon)
  • Different pressure settings (4-7 PSI)
  • Wine-certified equipment and FDA-approved plastic components

UBC Group USA offers a complete set of equipment required to set up a wine on tap system. From flash chillers to gas regulators and beverage dispensers, we have it all available at highly competitive prices. Our wine on tap coolers cost low enough for you not to consider ordering some from us today.

Commercial Wine-on-Tap Coolers & Dispensers from the Manufacturer UBC Group USA

Commercial bar wine coolers might still seem unusual to some but they’re quickly gaining popularity. Wineries use them, bars and restaurants love them - and for a good reason.

Firstly, wine-on-tap coolers are highly practical - no corking, no labeling. They help you reduce handling costs and tap into that incremental sales market.

Secondly, they preserve the original quality of the wine, exactly as the winemaker intended it to be. And it does work with higher-end wines as well.

Finally, it’s their excellent environmental record! With replaceable kegs instead of an endless stream of bottles, you create no unnecessary waste.

Finding good-quality keg wine coolers & dispensers for sale is hardly an easy task - but not with UBC Group USA. We have wine-on tap coolers and horizontal bottle coolers that are right for your budget and needs.

Keg Wine Coolers & Dispensers Wholesale in the US

UBC Group USA is the right place to be if you’re looking to buy wine on tap equipment in the US. We work with major North American wineries and wholesalers/resellers always offering the best price on the market.

If you are a wholesale customer and wondering where all the prices are, you need to create an account on our website first. This will give you access to the prices as well as the ability to place orders for your keg wine coolers wholesale and view your order history.

We usually ship our products within 24 hours of order placement through the best available method from our main warehouse located in O’Fallon, Missouri. Depending on the order size and destination, it can be delivered either via UPS or freight carrier.