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Beer Faucet Accessories

If you’re looking to buy beer faucet parts and faucet accessories for your brewery, or your business then you’re at the right place.

Welcome to the UBC Group USA website where we offer a wide variety of beer tap and beer shank accessories designed primarily for commercial use, guaranteed to suit any draft beer dispensing setup.

Get the Best Price on Beer Faucet Accessories in the USA

Even though beer faucets may look like a rather straightforward piece of equipment, they do consist of a few parts that need replacement once in a while. That’s not to mention the accessories that can enhance their performance, extend their service life, or simply add some style points.

In the beer faucet department, you would typically want the following parts (all of which are easily available from UBC Group USA at unbelievably competitive prices):

  • Shaft assembly (complete with shaft nut and a shaft seat)
  • Lever
  • Ball washer
  • Friction washer
  • Bonnet
  • Collar

In addition to that, we carry a lot of other useful beer tap accessories like a beer faucet washer, beer faucet gasket, different types of knobs/tap handles for your faucets (plastic and brass), faucet spout plugs, faucet brushes, faucet locks, and more.

Anything and everything you need to upgrade or maintain your draft beer dispensing system can be easily ordered from UBC Group USA.

Beer Faucet Parts from the Manufacturer UBC Group USA

Beer faucets and shanks are not exactly known for their complexity - still, there are some parts they do feature, and those parts may need replacement at a certain point in time. Having a few spare beer tap faucet parts at your disposal is a good tactic that allows you to save time and cut maintenance costs ensuring a continuous, uninterrupted pouring process.

In addition to the draft beer faucet parts we have mentioned above, we also offer some beer shank parts as well. A typical beer shank consists of the following elements (may slightly differ depending on the shank type):

  • Flanged lock nut
  • Shank flange
  • Shank flange washer
  • Coupling nut
  • Coupling sleeve
  • Lock ring

Needless to say, you can get all these parts directly from UBC Group USA at very competitive prices. Being a large manufacturer of beer dispensing parts and accessories, we can also offer you a whole beer tap faucet assembly.

Beer Faucet Accessories Wholesale in the US

As you may have noticed, prices are not immediately available on our website - to be able to view them, all you need to do is create an account. After you become a registered member of UBC Group USA online, you will get full access to the prices and be able to buy beer faucet accessories or beer faucet assembly from us.

UBC Group has been a reliable supplier of beer dispensing equipment and accessories since 2014. We are always striving to provide the best conditions for our customers, among whom are breweries, wineries, kombucha, and beverage manufacturers as well as draft service companies, wholesalers, and distribution companies - all looking to get faucets and accessories wholesale in the US.

We usually ship our products within 24 hours of order placement through the best available method. Depending on the order size and destination, it can be delivered either via UPS or freight carrier.