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Carbonated Beverage Cooling & Dispensing

Having a beverage cooler is a blessing for any bar, pub, or restaurant that needs to get a beverage from a walk-in cooler to the dispensing unit without this beverage getting warm.

Here at UBC Group USA, we offer a solid selection of beverage cooling systems and commercial bar beer coolers. From glycol chillers to carbonators, we’ve got it all.

Get the Best Price on Beverage Dispenser in the USA

Looking to buy a beverage drink dispenser? Look no further than UBC Group USA. We have been producing and supplying high-quality beverage dispensing equipment since 2014.

With over 1 million units sold and counting, we have become a go-to source of beverage equipment and accessories for many US bars, breweries, draft equipment installers, and online distributors.

Being beverage dispenser manufacturers and distributors, we offer a wide range of products at highly competitive prices. In the beverage dispenser department, you can choose from a basic post-mix chiller Carbochill-100 (featuring 2 product lines) and a more powerful carbonator cooler Carbochill-600 (featuring 6 product lines).

Both models are great for a variety of applications - from cafes and bars to breweries and taprooms. In addition to a beverage chiller, we can get you a glycol power pack draft beer chiller.

Commercial Beverage Cooler from the Manufacturer UBC Group USA

Sometimes beverages are served hundreds of feet apart from the place where they are stored and refrigerated. This creates a problem of delivering beverages to the point where they are dispensed, and that’s why you need a commercial bar beverage cooler.

Using glycol or ice as their cooling agent, these systems allow you to dispense freshly carbonated drinks exactly where you want to serve and/or sell them to your customers.

Inside a typical beverage cooler are the following elements:

  • Pump
  • Air condenser
  • Evaporator fan
  • Compressor
  • Thermostat control unit (to adjust the temperature)
  • Pump
  • Carbonator
  • Water tank
  • Coil

This type of unit operates at an ambient temperature of 75-1000F and requires at least a 12’’ clearance around it. If you’re looking for a particular beverage cooler, beverage carbonator, or soda carbonator, and haven’t found it on our website, please contact us to inquire about availability.

UBC Group USA is one of the major beverage dispensing equipment manufacturers in North America. All of our beverage dispensers and beer coolers for sale are designed and manufactured at our own facilities guaranteed to provide you and your customers with the ultimate dispensing experience.

Beverage Dispenser Wholesale in the US

As you may have noticed, prices are not immediately available on our website - to be able to view them, all you need to do is create an account. After you become a registered member of UBC Group USA online, you will get full access to the prices and be able to buy a beer beverage cooler or any other products from us.

UBC Group has been a reliable supplier of beer dispensing equipment and accessories since 2014. We are always striving to provide the best conditions for our customers, among whom are breweries, wineries, kombucha and beverage manufacturers, as well as draft service companies, wholesalers, and distribution companies - all looking to get a wholesale beverage dispenser in the US.

We usually ship our products within 24 hours of order placement through the best available method. Depending on the order size and destination, your beverage cooler for sale can be delivered either via UPS or freight carrier.