Jockey Boxes

If you are looking for a jockey box beer cooler that’s not going to break your bank, look no further than UBC Group USA. We offer a wide variety of jockey boxes along with cooling coils and other accessories.

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Get the Best Price on Jockey Box Beer Cooler

If there’s an outdoor event like a music festival, football game, or wedding, you will probably spot a keg beer cooler jockey box there doing its job of serving cold beer. Indeed, jockey boxes are a perfect way of dispensing cold beverages at both major outdoor events and backyard parties.

However, choosing a solid yet cheap jockey box might prove challenging since they come in different sizes, styles, and shapes. How to buy a jockey box that’s right for your budget and your setup? Here are the main things you should be considering:

  • Number of faucets (typically, one or two) - it’s always nice to have an option to serve 2 or more different styles of beer
  • Coil length. Jockey box coil length varies from 50’ to 120’, the latter is typically used for larger events that require continuous pouring
  • Material of the jockey box parts (stainless steel or chrome-plated brass) - the former is more preferable since it does not affect the taste of the beer you’re pouring

Portable Jockey Box From the Manufacturer UBC Group USA

A draft beer jockey box comes in two distinct varieties: coil cooler jockey box and cold plate jockey with the former being the more popular variety.

The way it works is rather simple: a coil-based jockey box has a series of coils (that can run from 50 to up to 120 feet) through which the beer travels from a keg and chills down rapidly. To achieve the desired level of cooling, you should fill the jockey box with about two-thirds full of ice and then add cold water to make sure it covers the tops of the coils.

One of the best beer keg jockey box models we offer (the Jockey Box Picnic SS Cooler) features 2 x 120’ stainless steel coils and 2 faucets allowing you to serve two different styles of beer in large amounts.

You can get this beer jockey box for sale along with dozens of other models directly from UBC Group USA at a very competitive price.

Jockey Box Wholesale in the US

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