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When you need a heavy-duty keg line cleaner pump, you know the Maxi-Vac products will do the job just right. Welcome to the official website of the UBC Group USA where we not only offer a wide variety of draft beer system installation and maintenance tools but also help our customers to choose the right products for their needs.

Get the Best Price on Recirculating Beer Line Cleaning Pumps in the USA

Keg line cleaning pumps are ideal for cleaning long-draw draught beer dispensing systems. This is a great way to maintain a long-draw dispensing system in a perfectly clean condition while also preventing the buildup of bacteria, mold, and beer stone from line surfaces.

Line cleaning pumps can be used for cleaning soft drink dispensing systems and other situations that require the recirculation of liquids at low pressure.

You can get a great line cleaning pump for sale from UBC Group USA. Browse our selection to find the pump you’re looking for and get the best recirculating beer line cleaner price from us. We also offer some additional products like a beverage system cleaner, beer hose, and USP propylene glycol - all available at highly competitive prices.

To inquire about the keg cleaning pump cost, all you have to do is contact our sales team - they’re always ready to provide you with a professional consult.

Best Electric Beer Line Cleaning Pump from the Manufacturer UBC Group USA

If you take beer line cleaning seriously, you should really start doing automatic beer line cleaning and invest in a draft beer line cleaning pump. It's much more effective compared to a static cleaning or simply allowing the chemical to soak in the line.

All long-draw systems should be cleaned with a recirculating system using a pump, for at least 15 minutes of contact time with the beer line. A beer system should be cleaned at a minimum of every 14 days.

Although there is some debate going around the industry that suggests that we can stretch that out longer because we have more stainless steel and beer systems and we have improved beer line material, the bottom line is still 14 days. Adhering to that is very important.

To assist you with cleaning beer lines, we can offer two Maxi-Vac commercial keg cleaner models:

  • JS300 Medium Duty Pump (works great for direct-draw, short-run systems)
  • JS350 Heavy Duty Pump (ideal for larger, long-draw beer dispensing systems)
  • Maxi-Vac Beer Line Cleaning Pumps Wholesale in the US

If you’re looking to buy ​​a beer line cleaning pump wholesale in the US, go with UBC Group USA! We have been a reliable supplier of draft beer dispensing systems, equipment, and accessories since 2014.

We always strive to provide the best conditions for our customers, among whom are breweries, wineries, distilleries, beverage companies, and draft equipment installers as well as wholesalers/resellers, and distribution companies - all looking to buy a Maxi-Vac pressure washer.

As you may have noticed, prices are not immediately available on our website - to be able to view them, all you need to do is create an account. After you become a registered member of UBC Group USA online, you will get full access to the prices and be able to place orders for a Maxi-Vac beer line cleaning machine.

We usually ship our products within 24 hours of order placement through the best available method. Depending on the size and destination, your Maxi-Vac coil cleaner can be delivered either via UPS or freight carrier.