Kegerator Kits

A readymade kegerator might not be the best option for everyone, which is why a kegerator kit exists. This set of draft components allows you to convert a standard refrigerator into a nice little beer dispensing unit.

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Get the Best Price on Kegerator Kits in the USA

The great thing about a mini-fridge kegerator conversion kit is that it can be used to convert almost any kind of refrigerator or freezer box. However, the one that is the most convenient (which makes it a popular choice among draft beer enthusiasts) is a horizontal split refrigerator.

Although a kegerator kit does contain all of the parts required for the proper conversion, one should check the depth and height of the soon-to-be-converted fridge - just to make sure the desired kegs will fit (if not - a low-profile keg coupler may be considered).

The conversion process itself is really easy and will require some basic DIY skills and a bunch of common tools.

Where to find a nice kegerator conversion kit for sale? Of course, at UBC Group USA! We have a nice selection of kegerator kits available on our website, including some additional parts like John Guest fittings and a beer hose assembly!

To inquire about the kegerator tower kit wholesale cost, all you have to do is contact our sales team via an online chat - they’re always ready to provide you with a professional consult.

Kegerator Conversion Kits from the Manufacturer UBC Group USA

A standard 2-tap kegerator kit includes the following elements:

  • UBC keg coupler, D-type, stainless steel probe (2 pcs)
  • Primary CO2 regulator by TAPRITE, 60psi
  • Air distributor for 2 lines
  • Tailpiece, 3/16'' (2 pcs)
  • Stepless clamp, 14.5-17.0 mm (6 pcs)
  • Swivel nut 7/8'' (2 pcs)
  • Beer washer (2 pcs)
  • Thermoplastic vinyl hose, red PVC tubing, 9 feet

The additional tools that are required for the conversion process typically include a ⅞’’ hole saw, a power drill, a flathead screwdriver, a spanner wrench, and a hex wrench.

The conversion process goes something like this:

  1. A hole is drilled in the refrigerator freezer door (all the way through the door and the plastic liner on the inside)
  2. A shank is placed through the hole on the fridge door and tightened with a hex screw
  3. A faucet is attached and tightened with a spanner wrench
  4. The beer line hex connections are attached to the back of the shank and the top of the keg coupler
  5. The air line is attached to the nipple on the coupler and the regulator, with the hose clamps tightened with a flathead screwdriver
  6. A CO2 tank is attached to the regulator and tightened with a hex wrench
  7. A keg coupler is attached

If you need a bigger capacity, you can get a 3-tap kegerator conversion kit or a 4 tap kegerator conversion kit.

Kegerator Kits Wholesale in the US

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