Flash Beer Coolers

A beer flash cooler is an amazing piece of draft beer equipment. Compact yet powerful, it allows bar owners to have their beer quickly chilled directly at the point of service.

UBC Group USA offers a wide variety of flash chillers and beer keg coolers coming in different styles and configurations. Feel free to browse our selection and let our sales team know if you need any help.

Get the Best Price on Draft Beer Flash Chillers in the USA

Having a beer flash chiller comes in really handy when you need to serve considerable amounts of cold draft beer continuously but not too many refrigeration options are available to you.

In its most basic form, a flash chiller for keg beer is your standard jockey box that’s been upgraded with an electric motor. It contains all the standard components:

  • Compressor
  • Air condenser
  • Evaporator coil
  • Thermostat

Rounding up the draft beer dispensing system is, of course, a beer keg, a keg coupler, a CO2 tank with a regulator, and a bunch of PVC tubes connecting these elements.

Whether you are looking for a small, portable draft beer cooler or want to go for the capacity, we can offer you plenty of choices. From a compact Kalinka 2 unit to the mighty Tayfun T220F unit (with up to 14 product lines), you will find the flash chiller that’s right for you and your customers - available directly from the manufacturer, UBC Group USA.

Commercial Bar Beer Coolers from the Manufacturer UBC Group USA

Although flash chillers are commonly known for their usage with draft beer dispensing systems, they work well in other applications, like dispensing cider, wine, kombucha, iced tea, and even cold coffee.

Due to their portability, commercial bar beer coolers are great if you happen to be in a situation where a long-draw glycol dispensing system is not an option - e.g., small bars/restaurants without a designated place for a walk-in cooler.

When you’re searching for commercial bar beer coolers for sale, there are a few factors to consider:

  • how many products will be dispensed (number of product lines)
  • how much product needs to be dispensed in liters per hour/minute (capacity)
  • where the chiller will be placed (under the counter or on top of it)

We have a few popular models that have been tried and tested by thousands of our clients and proven their efficiency. You can choose from small compact models or go big with our industrial-strength units capable of dispensing up to 400 liters of beverage per hour.

Beer Flash Coolers Wholesale in the US

UBC Group USA is the right place to be if you’re looking for bar refrigeratorsbeverage coolers, or draught beer coolers for sale. We work with major North American breweries, wholesalers/resellers, and installers always offering the best price on the market.

If you are a wholesale customer and wondering where all the prices are, you need to create an account on our website first. This will give you access to the prices as well as the ability to place orders for your draft beer flash cooler wholesale in the US and view your order history.

We usually ship our products within 24 hours of order placement through the best available method from our main warehouse located in O’Fallon, Missouri. Depending on the order size and destination, it can be delivered either via UPS or freight carrier.