Keg Couplers

One of the key elements of a draft beer dispensing system, the keg coupler plays a very important role in how beer is tapped.

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Being a relatively small and simple piece of equipment, keg couplers are, nevertheless, one of the most important components of a draft beer system, acting as a key to unlock and dispense the beer. They are attached to the keg valve and air line to release compressed CO2 (or nitrogen) into the keg, forcing out the beer that’s inside within seconds.

Depending on the keg and style of beer, a different type of coupler may be needed to properly dispense it. There are six different types of keg couplers - each with specifications to accommodate different kinds of beer. The most commonly used types are D-type (American Sankey) coupler and A-type (German keg coupler).

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Best Draft Beer Keg Coupler from the Manufacturer UBC Group USA

The fact that different breweries use different types of kegs means there have to be different types of keg couplers, which certainly adds to the confusion. There are six most common keg coupler types - here is the basic information about each of them.

D type

The keg coupler type D is the most popular type and fits all domestic brand kegs. It’s designed to fit the US Sankey keg valves, which make up 95 percent of American beers. D-system couplers are used by major breweries such as Coors, Miller, Bud Light, and other American craft beer.

S type

The S type coupler works with most European keg valves and is compatible with beers such as Heineken, Amstel, Stella Artois, and much more.

U type

The U type keg coupler is designed to fit specific European keg valves. It is used by many well-known stout and ale brand kegs like Guinness, Harp, and Kilkenny.

A type

The A system keg coupler is compatible with most German keg valves - from Warsteiner and Paulaner to Spaten and even Hoegaarden (which is actually a Belgian brewery).

G type

The G system keg couplers are designed to fit certain specialty European keg valves. This type of valve is perfect for kegs such as Boddingtons and Bass.

M type

The M type coupler is designed to fit the lesser-known German domestic brands like Schneider, Aventinus, Einbecker, and Veltins.

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