Having a FOB detector installed as part of a draft beer dispensing system is a great way to reduce beer waste and maximize beer profits. UBC Group USA offers a wide selection of reliable foam-on-beer detectors and keg taps for all types of draft beer dispensing systems. Feel free to browse our selection and let us know if you need any help.

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The way a FOB detector operates is somewhat similar to an in-line CO2 leak detector. It is essentially a closed chamber with a float inside, typically installed on a beer line (in long-draw systems).

The beer that’s coming from the keg forces the float inside the FOB to go all the way up, allowing the beer to flow further down to the faucet. When a keg empties, the float drops down, which immediately shuts off the beer flow from the keg.

This helps the beer line to remain full of beer, instead of being filled with foam so there’s no need to refill the lines and purge the system with beer when changing the keg. All you have to do is reset the FOB and tap the next keg.

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