Wall Draft Beer Towers

Installing a wall mount draft beer tower is guaranteed to save you space, time, and effort while also helping you serve more beer to more customers. A really great solution for any bar or taproom that’s looking to optimize their counter area space, wall mount towers are certainly worth looking into.

Get the Best Price on Wall Mount Draft Beer Towers from the Manufacturer

Here at UBC Group USA, we offer a great variety of wall mounted beer towers to meet the needs of any bar, pub, taproom, or restaurant while keeping it budget-friendly. Feel free to browse our selection and let us know if you have questions - just start an online chat with one of our specialists or create an account to see the prices.

Being a major manufacturer of draft beer equipment allows us to produce a number of wall mount draft tower configurations and styles - in both air-cooled and glycol-cooled versions.

If you are not sure where to start with your wall mount beer tap tower, here are some basic parameters to look out for:

  • number of faucets (from 1 to 10)
  • number of back tubes (one or two)
  • type of cooling (air or glycol)
  • finish (chrome by default)

For ease of installation and use, we sell our wall mount draft beer towers assembled with domestic beer faucets and shanks. Mounting hardware is also included in the package.

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Wall Mount Beer Towers Wholesale in the US

We have been a reliable supplier of draft beer towers and other types of commercial beer cooling and dispensing equipment for almost a decade now and are always striving to offer the best price for our customers. Among them are breweries, wineries, and other beverage manufacturers as well as draft service companies, wholesalers, and distribution companies - all looking to get the best wall mount beer tower wholesale price.

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We usually ship our products within 24 hours of order placement through the best available method, depending on the product and destination - either via UPS (smaller items) or freight carrier (for large/heavy items).