Trunk Line

If you’re using a long-draw draft beer system, you have to have the right beer trunk line. This seemingly basic type of beverage equipment is crucial to the overall reliability of your glycol draft beer dispensing system.

UBC Group USA offers a wide variety of glycol trunk lines to satisfy your beer dispensing needs at very competitive terms. Feel free to browse our selection and contact us online if you need any help.

Get the Best Price on Glycol Beer Trunk Lines from the Manufacturer UBC Group USA

The concept of glycol beer trunk lines is simple yet ingenious. In its most basic forms, the trunk line is essentially a conduit of beer lines that connecting kegs (located in the walk-in cooler) to each respective faucet of the draft beer tower (located upfront, in the bar counter area), while also housing sealed refrigeration lines from the power pack to the tower in a continuous loop.

A typical glycol trunk line consists of the following elements:

  • narrow-diameter glycol product lines (usually 8 of them)
  • glycol refrigeration lines (usually 2 of them)
  • shield of foam (for insulation)
  • plastic waterproof jacket (houses the lines)

The beer lines are sandwiched around a pair of glycol lines, one of which is outbound, extending from the power pack to the beer tower, and the other returns from the beer tower back to the glycol power pack draft beer chiller.

In a long-draw draft beer system, each beer line inside the trunk line is connected to its own keg in the walk-in cooler. Trunk lines are typically installed overhead or under-floor. They can stretch for up to 750 feet and feature up to 24 different products.

UBC Group USA provides its customers with a wide variety of glycol beer trunk line sizes (1/4’’, 3/8’’ and 5/16’’), and always offers the best price.

Draft Beer Trunk Line Wholesale in the US

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