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Dispensing Towers

When it comes to a draft beer tower, it’s all about the looks and style. Sure, beer dispensers do have to be reliably built, ergonomically designed, and easy to install - but the most important aspect of a great draft beer tower is presentation. Here at UBC Group USA, we understand this like no one else - just look at all the variety of sizes, styles, and shapes our draft beer towers come in. There’s a beer tower for everyone - from the strictly classic T-towers to the elegantly shaped Sexy towers and everything in between.

What Is a Beer Tower and What Is It Used For?

So what is a beer tower? First and foremost, it is an essential part of any draft beer system and, coincidentally, the most visible one since that’s where the beer comes from (as far as the customers are concerned) while the rest is hidden underneath the bar and in the cooler.

A draft beer tower itself usually consists of the following elements:

  • Body
  • Faucet (or faucets)
  • Tap handle

Since a beer tower is used to house beer lines, you will also need a shank to connect them to the faucet.

Get the Best Price on Draft Beer Towers from the Manufacturer UBC Group USA

Since the basic principle behind any draft beer system is more or less the same (using CO2 or nitrogen, the beer is pushed via tubing from a keg out through the faucet), that leaves you with only one element that can be improvised on - the draft tower.

And if you are looking to get a nice beer tower wholesale, UBC Group USA has a lot to offer in the draft beer tower department. Our towers come in all kinds of styles and configurations, including:

  • 1-faucet, 2-faucet, or multi-faucet towers
  • T-towers or double pedestal towers, depending on the number of columns
  • Classic, wall-mount, or under-counter beer towers
  • Stainless steel, chrome, or brass finish

In addition to the standard varieties and styles, we are also capable of manufacturing custom draft beer towers and drip trays to meet all your dispensing requirements. We use high-quality materials and top-notch craftsmanship to produce the best beer towers around.

Our towers feature a 304 stainless steel body and triple-layer moisture and thermal insulation of cooling and product lines. Being a major beer tower manufacturer, we can guarantee the best craft beer tower price for your bar, restaurant, or brewery.

Beer Tower Dispensers Wholesale in the US

We have been supplying commercial beer tap towers on the North American market for almost a decade and are always striving to offer the best price for the bar supplies. We work with breweries, wineries, and other beverage manufacturers as well as draft service companies, wholesalers, and distribution companies.

You might have noticed that prices are not immediately shown on our website - that’s simply because you need to create an account to see them. All you have to do is submit your application for setting up an account with us and that will allow you to place orders and get our wholesale price on a beer tower dispensers in the US.

We usually ship our products within 24 hours of order placement through the best available method, depending on the product and destination - either via UPS (smaller items) or freight carrier (for large/heavy items).

Stainless Steel Draft Towers for Commercial and Home Use

Looking for the best price on American style or European style stainless steel beer towers? Look no further than UBC Group USA. We offer a great variety of top-quality beer towers at affordable prices. Feel free to browse our selection - just don’t forget to create an account on our website first. This will allow you to get access to wholesale pricing and the ability to place online orders.

If you have any questions regarding a stainless steel draft tower or would like us to refer you to a retailer or a draft beer tower installation company near you, feel free to contact our specialists for help.