About Us

UBC Group is a manufacturer and distributor of quality beer and beverage equipment and promotional materials for breweries and beverage companies.


R&D and manufacturing facilities are located in Ukraine, a European country and a renowned manufacturer of refrigeration equipment, large passenger and cargo aircrafts, nuclear turbines, and space crafts. Ukraine offers a combination of advanced technology and low cost of labor.

Operations in USA & Canada

Local Offices for Convenient Service and Prompt Delivery

UBC Group's offices are located in O’Fallon Missouri and Mississauga, Ontario. Orders are processed and shipped within 1 business day for prompt delivery.

Full Range of Draught Beer Equipment and POS Products

UBC Group offers a wide range of beverage cooling and dispensing equipment POS products, specializing in the beer industry. Our wholesale customers can place orders using our detailed product catalogue and web sites: www.beer-co.ca and www.beer-co.us

UBC Group Breer Equipment Manufacturer
Commercial Beer and Beverage Equipment Supplier
Brewery Equipment Manufacturer
Commercial Brewing Equipment Manufacturer
Beer Cooling and Dispensing Equipment Manufacturer


Best Prices for Draught Beer and Beverage Equipment

UBC Group offers very attractive prices for beer and beverage cooling and dispensing equipment, POS materials, bar furniture, neon and lighted signs, ceramic tap handles and other draught beer and beverage products.

Cooperation with Beer and Soda Equipment installation Companies

UBC Group has established a network of local service and installation companies in the USA and Canada who are able to provide any type of installation of draught beer systems manufactured by UBC Group. We are able to offer very attractive prices for the complete package - Equipment and Installation.

Brewery Equipment Branding from the UBC Group USA
UBC Group Beer Equipment Manufacturering Facility
Beer Equipment Personalization from the UBC Group USA
UBC Group Breer Equipment Manufacturer
Commercial Beer and Beverage Equipment Supplier in the USA


Company Structure:

UBC COOL - world's largest manufacturer of draught beer cooling equipment.

UBC PROMO - large production facility of POS materials, including UBC Tower, UBC Light, UBC Tents & Awnings and UBC Furniture.

UBC Distribution - network of distribution facilities located in all major beer and beverage markets worldwide to provide local customer service and prompt delivery of products.

UBC Engineering - leading Eastern European engineering company engaged in supply of equipment and development of turn-key projects for breweries and beverage companies.